Providing Boutique Brokerage Services
RBF Realty, Inc. is proud of the buyer representation services that it provides
to its clients. Over 45 years of real estate experience has enabled Mr. Feingold
to provide his clients with all of the services that they require in commercial
and residential real estate transactions. Mr. Feingold and his experienced staff
will help you define your exact criteria and attempt to find properties
currently on the market that meet them. In a commercial setting, if the
current properties for sale are unsatisfactory, they will fine-tune your criteria
and work to find properties that are not yet on the market, and assist in the
acquisition, due diligence, and permitting processes. For residential
properties, Mr. Feingold and his experienced staff will assist you in all aspects
of the home-buying process, such as negotiations, referrals to such needed
services as lending sources, mortgagees, and home inspectors, preparation for
and attendance at closing.

In most residential and some commercial situations, RBF Realty, Inc. is
compensated by the seller, saving you, the buyer, thousands of dollars in
professional fees.

RBF Realty, Inc. is a MLS Broker. Therefore, all of the MLS System
Information will be readily available to you.

Please call RBF Realty, Inc. to speak with Mr. Feingold about any questions
or to arrange an initial consultation at (508) 999-5238.
RBF Realty, Inc.
RBF Realty, Inc. is neither a parent, subsidy, or partner of Robert B.
Feingold & Associates, P.C.