Providing Boutique Brokerage Services

1. Faster results: Usually 2-3 weeks from the first open house to a signed Purchase and Sale
Agreement. The "normal" process usually takes seven to twelve months. If all goes well, a closing can
occur in ten weeks from the day we are hired.

2. Much less expensive than traditional brokerage fees-our fee is usually 2 1/2%

3. You maintain control by setting a minimum bid or by reserving the right to accept or reject any

4. Competitive prices for your property-Bidders know that THEIR FIRST BID IS THEIR LAST
CHANCE to get the property. This encourages higher bids.

5. No negotiation hassles on price and terms.

6. No inconvenient house showing appointments-usually just one or two scheduled open houses!

We have a system that works and works well. You will get the best net proceeds by substantially
reducing fees and delay, and allowing market prices to get the best price for your property-with the
least hassle!

If you are interested, call RBF Realty, Inc. at (508) 999-5238 for a free consultation at our office
located at the Bank of America Building, 700 Pleasant Street, Suite 520, New Bedford,
Massachusetts (across the street from the main Post Office). Sealed Bid Auction is a division of RBF
Realty, Inc.
RBF Realty, Inc. is neither a parent, subsidy, or partner of Robert B. Feingold &
Associates, P.C.
RBF Realty, Inc.